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Sygard Grytting 
- one of Norway's oldest wooden hotels -  owned by the same family during the past 700 years.

Around 1300 AD - more than three hundred years before the Pilgrim Fathers left Plymouth in southern England to establish the first European settlement in the "New World" - Sygard Grytting provided lodgings for medieval pilgrims on their way to the St Olaf Cathedral in Trondheim.

During the summer season 1 July - 15 August you may spend the night in the "langloft" - a 700 year old building (the only medieval hostel preserved and still in use in this country) - or you may get a more comfortable room (with private bathroom) in one of the log buildings built between 1650 and 1860.

Sygard Grytting offers stays and meals in an environment where you may experience a cross section of Norwegian history few - if any - other hotels in this country equal.

From late autumn into early spring the hotel mainly caters for company events/ meetings/ representation of various kinds. The "Høgstugu" - is then used as a conference room.

A typical group then consists of 8-14 (18) persons - management meetings, strategy meetings etc. Prices vary according to number of persons, duration of stay, meals etc.

Additional cultural activities include guided tours through historic buildings, sleigh rides (winter), folk music, medieval meals, and in August - during the Peer Gynt festival at Vinstra - a number of activities ranging from the open air Peer Gynt performance at Gålå (a must both for fans of Henrik Ibsen and others) - to indoor exhibitions and the open air mountain concert.

The farm and hotel is today owned and run by Hilde and Stig Grytting (see picture).




16th generation owners: Hilde and Stig Grytting
with their children




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